G.N.T provides services and launches complex integrated projects that incorporate information and communication technologies in key sectors of the economy:

Public Administration
Private Companies

Company’s activities include:

Design, development, deployment and support of
    integrated information systems
Consulting and administration services
Design and development of tailor made software
Research and development of software products

The company has developed relationships and collaborates closely with the largest IT companies in Greece in the joint implementation of complex and complicated information projects.

Moreover, the company maintains excellent working relationships with Educational Institutes in the country.

The Power of G.N.T.

G.N.T. Information Systems S.A. was established in 1991, and from its first steps, it focused on the development of tailor-made software in various business sectors.

A great portfolio

Through many years of trust from our clients and gained experience, G.N.T. Information Systems S.A. has offered solutions that fit our clients’ needs as greatly as possible.

Get in touch with us

Get in touch with G.N.T. Information Systems S.A. and be consulted regarding the best solutions fitting your needs.

G.N.T. Information Systems S.A. - 2-4 Eleftherias sq. Papagou, Athens, Greece
Phone :210-6560640 - E-mail: info@gnt.gr